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Hemp Holiday Gift Guide

by Zera Hemp Labs / December 17, 2020

‘Tis the season for cold weather, delectable food, and (usually) time spent with family and loved ones. While the 2020 holidays may look a bit different this year, joy and generosity are still present. Gifts may arrive by delivery trucks instead of in the arms of a loved one, and cookies may be post-marked instead of plated; however, finding the perfect gift for that special someone still can have the same stressful feeling. 

You know it, we know it - the holidays can be stressful. Trying to pick out gifts for the loved ones on your list is a lot to handle, but don’t worry because we are here to help you. 

Here are ten great hemp gift ideas for the ones you love: 

  1. For the person in your life who never seems to show up on time but somehow always has a coffee in hand:

  1. For the multi-tasking, no complaining, stronger than anyone women in your life:

  2. For the person who is a skincare expert and knows how to pronounce things like “glycogen”:

  3. For the peaceful person in your life who views 2020 “as a gift” and not a disaster: 

  4. For the person who enjoys taking care of their mind, body, and soul: 

  5. For the men in your life who have had the same pair of jeans for ten years and say things like, “Oh, these are my good jeans, there are only two holes in them”: 

  6. For the person who treasures their pets over their children because “they don’t talk back”: 

  7. For the farmer in your life who wears shorts in single-digit temperatures and embraces the chill of winter: 

  8. For the person in your life who’s Friday night plans consist of watching Hallmark movies cuddled in bed:

  9. Finally, get a gift for yourself because this time of year can stressful, and you should “treat yo’ self”:

Hempy - whoops, we mean HAPPY - holidays from our hemp-loving crew to yours.   

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