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Do you need to test a hemp sample? Read on as we outline our straightforward and simple process on how to properly pack your hemp samples.

With the federal legalization of hemp and the growing recognition of its medicinal benefits, it is very clear that hemp testing is now, and will continue to be, a fundamental aspect of the equation. 

Hemp is simultaneously one of the newest (and oldest) crops that grows in the United States. Moreover, it has historically been one of the most significant crops for humankind across the globe. We are now seeing a dramatic renaissance, rediscovery, and resurgence in cultivating this amazing...

In farming, risk management tends to be more closely associated with crop insurance versus seed selection. However, the added risk of crops accumulating too much THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) and exceeding the regulatory limit of 0.3% by dry weight should be a legitimate concern for any grower...

‘Tis the season for cold weather, delectable food, and (usually) time spent with family and loved ones. While the 2020 holidays may look a bit different this year, joy and generosity are still present. Gifts may arrive by delivery trucks instead of in the arms of a loved one, and cookies may be...

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